Soft Skills Training Specialist Malaysia

Soft Skills Training Specialist Malaysia

To Increase The Competitiveness Of Your Organisation, You Need To Increase The Competency Of Your People!

xTrain is established since 2008 focus on soft skill training that improve the performance and productivity of individual and organization. xTrain bring together a pool of highly qualified and experienced trainers with more than 2000 training days to train, coach and share of information during the trainings that prove to be extremely valuable and mind opening. xTrain team are dedicate to fulfil their promises to deliver only programs of the highest quality and greatest value.

xTrain vision is to revolutionize the training industry in the Asia Pacific region by making training more effective, enjoyable and practical in terms of real world usage and localized content. xTrain believe the competition of the organization is technically the competition of your people. As such, to increase the competitiveness and competency of your people will definitely increase the competitiveness of your organization.

Soft skill training

xTrain mission is to deliver training based on their five core principles, which is Real World Trainers, Contextualized Content, Optimal Environment, Measurable Outcome and Customer Delight.

xTrain top training programme including Performance Appraisal, Managing Expectation, Team and Individual Leadership Training, Effective Business Writing, Business Communication, High Impact Presentation, Conflict Resolution and Management, Negotiation, Influencing, Problem Solving, Time Management, Coaching and Mentoring, Change Management and Customer Service Training.

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