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Indulge yourself! Be amazed by ancient beauty secret like a Queen

For centuries, milk has been the gift of Mother Nature. Just like the great pharaoh Cleopatra have revealed this natural treasure, and use it for luxurious milk baths. Her everlasting beauty using milk has conquered the world most powerful man, Caesar.

Now the secret has come to live again. Inspired by the wonderful youthful skin of milk farm lady, our expert discovered how they use the overproduced milk in their bath and facial cleansing.

Years of researched have turned Shakura™ into an incomparable pigmentation expert and the remarkable Shakura™ Formula has successfully helped thousands of women solved their pigmentation problems.

Now Shakura™ has brought the love of Mother Nature to its full right in the signature house treatment.

With the aid of our beauty expert, a smooth and silky spot-free skin is no longer impossible. You can now soak your skin in milk, and pamper yourself like a queen too.

In just 1 session, your skin problem will be drastically improved and the wonderful experience will definitely be your unforgettable experience.

The Shakura™ Signature Treatment–Shakura™ Active Formula is specially formulated with the perfect combination of Milk Essence and Red Ruby Roselle. It is naturally enriched with Vitamin C and amino acid, and has clinically proven to reduce pigmentation as well as discolouration.

Shakura™ treatment proven its effectiveness by encourage the growth of new skin cells, unclogging and minimizing the pore size, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin as well as visibly lightening the pigmentation. With a simple treatment, your skin will be rehydrated and revived, bringing a new level of soft, smooth and radiant to the complexion.

Addition to the Shakura™ treatment, you can expect a comprehensive skin analysis by our skin expert to thoroughly understand your skin problem. Besides, the centre will provide an intimate one-on-one consultation session, with close monitoring to make sure the progress is satisfactory, even at the comfort of your own home.

This result-proven formula has helped a lot of women to restore their beauty, to a revived and pigment-free skin.

The accounts executive Lisa Chan had freckles at very young age. She applied many skin whitening and UV products but all of them didn’t work.


(Lisa Chan, 32 years old, Accounts Executive, Pigmentation)

“I have tried so many product or treatment, but all left to no avail. Eventually, I visited Shakura™ , and thankfully, my freckles and pigmentation problems are solved. Now I really own a clear and bright skin.”

Jocelyn Tan has annoyed by the same pigmentation before visiting Shakura™ .


(Jocelyn Tan, 35 years old, Clerk, Pigmentation )

“My pigmentation started to develop due to squeezing of pimples. I used to put on thick make-up and powder to cover my pigmented skin and scars before I went to work. Thanks to Shakura™ , my pigmentation problem is solved before it is too late. Now, I am more confident!”

It’s time to pamper yourself, and let your skin nourished with milk essence! Visit any Shakur™ outlets or log on to for more information.

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