Organic Cosmetic Malaysia

Organic-Tec is a local cosmetic and skin care manufacturer Malaysia who bring diverse team together by driving innovation in personal care and wellness industry. Since 2014, we have endeavoured on innovative product development and marketing across a broad range of product categories including skincare, personal care, cosmetic, household, auto-care and wellness industry. Our cosmetic on selfie, natural baby products and skincare for sensitive skin had become our signature. Today, Organic-Tec is one of the manufacturers for organic cosmetic Malaysia who export innovative new products that can marry global perspective into product across South East Asia.  Organic-Tec focus primarily on product development in order to achieve minimum operation expenses through our efficient networking. We have our in-house R&D and Quality Management, however we outsourced manufacturing process so that we could leverage flexible volume and manufacturing fixed cost. Our marketing strategy is ultimately based on exclusive distributorship, although we also open to retailer and other business form along the way.

Our products are back by lots of clinical data and scientific reasoning where our product development is professionally carried out with quality function deployment that fulfil EU standard. Every now and then there are news of products in the market being adulterated with toxic chemical for instant result. This scenario underlying the facts that consumer could not find an effective yet safe skincare products. But for ORTEA products, we give commitment on responsibly producing natural skin care products that is safe, effective and reasonably priced. ORTEA brand belief in clean beauty, where our products are formulated with primary plants, herbs, flower, algae and natural sea water. We are always sourcing new radical revelation in botanical beauty with quality ingredients around the globe and select only those that match our stringent quality requirement. ORTEA has released different skin care products’ series according to the needs for different customers:

  • IROISE ENHYDRO – Natural hydration from the Iroise Sea (Hydrating, Energizing and Radiance Boost)
  • WHITEMALLOW – Natural whitening from the Alpine plants (Whitening and urban protection)
  • ACNEFIX – Herbal medicinal solution for acne skin (Anti-acne, Anti-Scar, Anti-oxidant)
  • Sensia Recovery – With precious Saffron flower and plasma factor (Repairing, Soothing for Sensitive Skin)
  • FrozenAge – Biofactory of the Damask Rose and Egypt Lily (Preserve youthful appearance)

We also claimed ourselves as an anti-aging products supplier Malaysia as we have formulated one of our best seller products, Multipurpose Massage Butter. Multipurpose Massage Butter is an all purpose anti-aging butter and it can be used on hair, face, body daily for a younger, moisturized and radiant skin. It is 100% made up of natural ingredients which are Amazon cacay oil, Phyto avocado oil and African Kalahari melon seed oil. All of these ingredients are clinically proven for their anti-aging, anti-stretch mark, soothing, repairing and antioxidant effects to your skin. Besides that, our sources of cacay oil and melon seed oil are sourced from local community in Columbia and South Africa as part of our social responsibility to support indigenous people.