CRM Solutions Software in Malaysia

CRM Solutions Software in Malaysia

Claritas™ CRM deliver complete CRM solutions to organization and enhance their customer experience. Claritas™ as Malaysia CRM software believe in sharing their mission, collaborate as partner and grow together along their journey to success. Claritas™ methodology involves careful planning, management, and execution. This structure is formulated to provide a swift and efficient adoption of their product, and in a fraction of time and cost. Claritas™ emphasis on building long term relationship and assist organization to create exceptional customer value.

In competitive business environment, you need to be able to communicate with your customers using a variety of channels, including voice, text, email and web chat. Is your contact center ready to capture these interactions? How will you monitor and manage quality, training, performance and compliance?

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Claritas™ Contact Centre Solution (CCS) is a complete call management system featuring capabilities such as call monitoring, call center management, call recording and call activity analysis. Contact Center CRM takes real time call management to the ultimate level with its ability to translate real time call data into management dashboard for call performance monitoring. And because all these happen in real time, you can quickly response to business need and changing conditions.

Claritas™ Contact Center Solution undeniably gives you an easy-to-use tool to deliver consistent, efficient service that enhances customer loyalty to sustain long-term business and increase lifetime value. It completely customizable to suit your business processes and scale to meet your enterprise demands.

Claritas™ Loyalty CRM Program is a strategic marketing approach where company focuses on customer growth and retention through rewards and incentive. One should not underestimate the powerful effect of loyalty marketing – it is an important process to generate recurring revenue and maintain brand loyalty. And this is exactly where Claritas™ CRM can expertly lend you a hand.

Building customer loyalty is not an overnight process and implementing a CRM solution goes a long way in helping you to enhance brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Start adopting Claritas™ today and find out how Claritas™ can help you translate loyalty into money!

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