Photo Booth Rental KL Malaysia

August 19th, 2014

Photo Booth Rental Services Malaysia

LOL Photo booth is a team of photo booth specialists in Kuala Lumpur who are looking forward to making your event fun and memorable. We believe in awesome photos, great people and firm handshakes.

We offer photo booth rental in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

We offer photo booth for corporate events as well as wedding ceremony. For wedding ceremony, our professional team of photo booth enthusiasts know how important each and every wedding is from DIY to black tie! More importantly we understand that adding a photo booth to your celebration is something that should be simple, painless, and above all, fun!

Photo Booth For Corporate

From well-established companies to small start-ups, our photo booth is guaranteed to impress and charm any CEO, employee or client. Whether you’re having a gala dinner, grand opening, a holiday party or just want to tell your employees ‘thank you’, we make it incredibly fun and easy to do.

The LOL Photobooth creates a tangible connection between the user and your company. Our professional graphic designers will work with you to help brand the images in your favor. Due to this flexibility, our photos will serve as promotion on stage far and wide long after your event is over.


Photo Booth For Wedding

With a gazillion events under our belt, our professional team of photo booth enthusiasts know how important each and every wedding is from DIY to black tie! More importantly we understand that adding a photo booth for wedding is something that should be simple, painless, and above all, fun!

That’s why we make sure everything from booking LOL Photobooth to customizing your photo is always easy and enjoyable. We live and breathe photo booth and take great pride in what they represent. Nothing brings friends, families and even complete strangers together like LOL Photobooth. Your guests will love the chance to let their hair down, put on a mustache and share a moment in the LOL Photobooth that will forever be the topic on your coffee table.

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Shakura Treatment And Comment

January 12th, 2014

Indulge yourself! Be amazed by ancient beauty secret like a Queen

For centuries, milk has been the gift of Mother Nature. Just like the great pharaoh Cleopatra have revealed this natural treasure, and use it for luxurious milk baths. Her everlasting beauty using milk has conquered the world most powerful man, Caesar.

Now the secret has come to live again. Inspired by the wonderful youthful skin of milk farm lady, our expert discovered how they use the overproduced milk in their bath and facial cleansing.

Years of researched have turned Shakura™ into an incomparable pigmentation expert and the remarkable Shakura™ Formula has successfully helped thousands of women solved their pigmentation problems.

Now Shakura™ has brought the love of Mother Nature to its full right in the signature house treatment.

With the aid of our beauty expert, a smooth and silky spot-free skin is no longer impossible. You can now soak your skin in milk, and pamper yourself like a queen too.

In just 1 session, your skin problem will be drastically improved and the wonderful experience will definitely be your unforgettable experience.

The Shakura™ Signature Treatment–Shakura™ Active Formula is specially formulated with the perfect combination of Milk Essence and Red Ruby Roselle. It is naturally enriched with Vitamin C and amino acid, and has clinically proven to reduce pigmentation as well as discolouration.

Shakura™ treatment proven its effectiveness by encourage the growth of new skin cells, unclogging and minimizing the pore size, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin as well as visibly lightening the pigmentation. With a simple treatment, your skin will be rehydrated and revived, bringing a new level of soft, smooth and radiant to the complexion.

Addition to the Shakura™ treatment, you can expect a comprehensive skin analysis by our skin expert to thoroughly understand your skin problem. Besides, the centre will provide an intimate one-on-one consultation session, with close monitoring to make sure the progress is satisfactory, even at the comfort of your own home.

This result-proven formula has helped a lot of women to restore their beauty, to a revived and pigment-free skin.

The accounts executive Lisa Chan had freckles at very young age. She applied many skin whitening and UV products but all of them didn’t work.


(Lisa Chan, 32 years old, Accounts Executive, Pigmentation)

“I have tried so many product or treatment, but all left to no avail. Eventually, I visited Shakura™ , and thankfully, my freckles and pigmentation problems are solved. Now I really own a clear and bright skin.”

Jocelyn Tan has annoyed by the same pigmentation before visiting Shakura™ .


(Jocelyn Tan, 35 years old, Clerk, Pigmentation )

“My pigmentation started to develop due to squeezing of pimples. I used to put on thick make-up and powder to cover my pigmented skin and scars before I went to work. Thanks to Shakura™ , my pigmentation problem is solved before it is too late. Now, I am more confident!”

It’s time to pamper yourself, and let your skin nourished with milk essence! Visit any Shakur™ outlets or log on to for more information.

CRM Solutions Software in Malaysia

January 9th, 2014

CRM Solutions Software in Malaysia

Claritas™ CRM deliver complete CRM solutions to organization and enhance their customer experience. Claritas™ as Malaysia CRM software believe in sharing their mission, collaborate as partner and grow together along their journey to success. Claritas™ methodology involves careful planning, management, and execution. This structure is formulated to provide a swift and efficient adoption of their product, and in a fraction of time and cost. Claritas™ emphasis on building long term relationship and assist organization to create exceptional customer value.

In competitive business environment, you need to be able to communicate with your customers using a variety of channels, including voice, text, email and web chat. Is your contact center ready to capture these interactions? How will you monitor and manage quality, training, performance and compliance?

loyalty CRM

Claritas™ Contact Centre Solution (CCS) is a complete call management system featuring capabilities such as call monitoring, call center management, call recording and call activity analysis. Contact Center CRM takes real time call management to the ultimate level with its ability to translate real time call data into management dashboard for call performance monitoring. And because all these happen in real time, you can quickly response to business need and changing conditions.

Claritas™ Contact Center Solution undeniably gives you an easy-to-use tool to deliver consistent, efficient service that enhances customer loyalty to sustain long-term business and increase lifetime value. It completely customizable to suit your business processes and scale to meet your enterprise demands.

Claritas™ Loyalty CRM Program is a strategic marketing approach where company focuses on customer growth and retention through rewards and incentive. One should not underestimate the powerful effect of loyalty marketing – it is an important process to generate recurring revenue and maintain brand loyalty. And this is exactly where Claritas™ CRM can expertly lend you a hand.

Building customer loyalty is not an overnight process and implementing a CRM solution goes a long way in helping you to enhance brand awareness and customer satisfaction. Start adopting Claritas™ today and find out how Claritas™ can help you translate loyalty into money!

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Maid Services in Malaysia

December 17th, 2013

Maid Services in Malaysia

Agensi Pekerjaan YDS Sdn Bhd (Company No. 933679-V) is the most admired service brand in the maid agency in Malaysia. With years of experience, YDS recruit maids from approved sources and countries namely the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Cambodia and Indonesia.

YDS Sdn Bhd are registered with the Malaysia Ministry of Home Affairs and the Human Resources, and accredited by the Philippines Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), and the Sri Lankan Bureau of Foreign Employment (SLBFE).

YDS Sdn Bhd are committed to provide you the finest maid – thoroughly screened, personally selected and assessed for professional skills – to give your family the necessary support in building a healthy and happy home. Hundreds of families have benefited from YDS experienced domestic helpers, placed in various positions including as live-in housekeepers, live-in nannies, and live-in maids.

Maid service

YDS Sdn Bhd is the only maid service in town that could provide you such convenience – that’s why they are pride in being YOUR MOST TRUSTED MAID AGENCY.
• Professional recruited Filipino maid
• Own established overseas training centre
• Focus on selecting the perfect candidate by thorough interviewing
• FREE COUNSELING for 2 years
• Develop and maintain outstanding employer to employee rapport to ensure a pleasant and professional working relationship
• Maintain the highest level of confidentiality throughout the whole hiring process and beyond

YDS Sdn Bhd maintains the highest standard and quality in their workforce to be your most reliable and trusted maid agency in town.

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Soft Skills Training Specialist Malaysia

November 24th, 2013

Soft Skills Training Specialist Malaysia

To Increase The Competitiveness Of Your Organisation, You Need To Increase The Competency Of Your People!

xTrain is established since 2008 focus on soft skill training that improve the performance and productivity of individual and organization. xTrain bring together a pool of highly qualified and experienced trainers with more than 2000 training days to train, coach and share of information during the trainings that prove to be extremely valuable and mind opening. xTrain team are dedicate to fulfil their promises to deliver only programs of the highest quality and greatest value.

xTrain vision is to revolutionize the training industry in the Asia Pacific region by making training more effective, enjoyable and practical in terms of real world usage and localized content. xTrain believe the competition of the organization is technically the competition of your people. As such, to increase the competitiveness and competency of your people will definitely increase the competitiveness of your organization.

Soft skill training

xTrain mission is to deliver training based on their five core principles, which is Real World Trainers, Contextualized Content, Optimal Environment, Measurable Outcome and Customer Delight.

xTrain top training programme including Performance Appraisal, Managing Expectation, Team and Individual Leadership Training, Effective Business Writing, Business Communication, High Impact Presentation, Conflict Resolution and Management, Negotiation, Influencing, Problem Solving, Time Management, Coaching and Mentoring, Change Management and Customer Service Training.

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Travel Agency in Malaysia

October 31st, 2013

Travel Agency in Malaysia

Zarika Travel Sdn Bhd is a prominent and well respected Penang travel agent company with a fleet or high quality coaches, vans & limousines in the travel industry of Penang, Malaysia.

Zarika Travel Sdn Bhd delivering quality transportation services to local and national customers all over Peninsular Malaysia and Singapore. Zarika Travel’s staff is well trained and knowledgeable. They are committed to view all customer events as part of their own. Zarika Travel’s coaches provide spacious, comfortable seating and air conditioned interiors. Together with their pleasant and professional drivers, your journey with them will be a safe and pleasant one.

Zarika Travel Sdn Bhd provide private van hire and coach hire, they can pick you up at your location, handle your luggage and take you directly to your destination, no other stops. Zarika Travel also offers luxury sedan service as well as group transportation to/from the airport or anywhere. Zarika Travel Sdn Bhd provide on time, cost-effective, luxurious coach services seven-days-a-week, 24-hours-a-day.

Penang travel agent

Zarika Travel Sdn Bhd has comprehensive insurance coverage for the vehicles and all passengers. Zarika Travel buses are serviced regularly by authorized workshops and put through Malaysia Road Transport Department Mandatory General Inspection once a year. All passenger seats feature seat belts. The average age of their fleet is 5 years.

So, choose Zarika Travel exclusive service for the most convenient, comfortable trip to the airport or anywhere!

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Dorra Slimming Review Malaysia

September 18th, 2013

Exorcise your overweight with the aid of Dorra

Want to have a perfect figure without taking pill or reducing your food intake? Now, with the aid of Dorra, slimming can be easier than you ever thought.

Dorra – the French lower body slimming expert has arrived in Malaysia. You can enjoy an excellent and efficient slimming program in town, without taking a long-hour flight to French.

The Dorra Formula is the perfect solution for you to target your problem areas and remove those unsightly bumps and bulges on your tummy, hip and thighs! It will help you to solve all sorts of fats problems, ranging from Cellulite, Genetic, Middle Aged, Nutrition Caused, Post Natal to Stubborn Fat easily.

This revolutionary formula is useful in delivering visible results and guarantees a 10-30cm loss in just 14 days!

By providing quick, effective & customized solution, you don’t even need to worry about your food every mouthful. The tailored-made consultation and consistent monitoring will make sure your slimming progress is on track.

The formulated essence with fat-burning effect can last up to 12 hours and promote efficient discharge of fat-cell contents, reduce risk of cancer, heart disease and stroke.

It is also effective in reducing cellulite, stretch marks, restoring skin elasticity as well as detoxifying and increasing metabolism.

With the magical formula, your flabby skin will be tightened and toned; lower body silhouette will eventually be perfectly reshaped.


Cassey Chung , lost 15 kg , from 63kg to 48kg.

Dorra has received a very positive feedback from the customers since its inception. Cassey Chung has lost 15kg successfully. 2 months in dorra™ has turned her from size “L” to size “S”. Her life has been changed since then, confident has been rebuilt.

“When I was plump, I didn’t like taking photographs. I felt that my huge size especially the lower body blocked the persons who stood near me. But now, I finally get rid of my chunky thighs and bulging tummy. Everybody notices my stunning silhouette when I take photographs. My elder sister praised me when she saw me wearing a swimsuit without any signs of cellulite.”

Besides Cassey, Michelle Loh also had a wonderful experience in Dorra. Before that, she was suffering from hereditary weight gain. Her sedentary job caused her bulging tummy to become even bigger as she couldn’t resist food, especially when she is stressed.

“Exercise didn’t help too. After hearing about dorra™ being a lower body slimming expert on radio, I decided to give it a try.

With Dorra’s professional help, I successfully lost 14.5kg and my size decreased from XL to M! There isn’t any rebound too! My friends are amazed to see my transformation. Now I am happier and more confident! Thank you Dorra”

Witness the best body transformation yourself now! Visit any Dorra outlets or log on to  for more information. You will not be disappointed!

Packaging Machinery Trading Malaysia

August 22nd, 2013

Packaging Machinery Trading Malaysia

Kaoh Siung Trading Sdn. Bhd. with its production arm Koh Sing Technic Sdn. Bhd. (Factory) is among the leading manufacturers and suppliers of heaters and food packaging machinery based in Malaysia. We provide products and services to clients of various industries such as the plastic manufacturing industry, packaging industry, food processing industry, etc.

The company was established in 1976 with the aim of offering excellent quality products to their clients and its philosophy is to ‘Understand the Client’s Needs’. With over 30 years of experience, Kaoh Siung Trading has successfully built up its reputation as a pioneer in heaters and packaging machines.

Kaoh Siung Trading main products are including Packaging Machines such as Carton Sealer, Impulse Sealer & Direct Heat Sealer, Heaters and Thermocouples, Hot Runner Temperature Control System, Teflon (PTFE) Fabrics & Tapes and Industrial Accessories.

food packaging machinery

In addition to the above standard products, their technical personnel are very flexible in designing and customizing products based on clients’ needs. The “OSAKA” series machinery that has gained a lot of compliments from clients is the proof to their capability in customization. Kaoh Siung Trading also provide import and trade high quality but affordable products to their clients as well.

Kaoh Siung Trading always focused on QUALITY, SERVICE, and INNOVATION. Hence, Kaoh Siung Trading has earned solid reputation in the market in delivering high quality products, after-sales service and technical assistance.

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Scuba Diving Specialist Centre

July 21st, 2013

Scuba Diving Specialist Centre

Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures is the one and only PADI diving Malaysia with 5 Star Instructor Development Centre in Subang Jaya!

Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures provide Scuba Diving course Malaysia starting from beginners, (Open Water) right up to Professional (Instructor). The centre complete and comprehensive dive retail outlet provides all the scuba diving gear a diving enthusiast could ever need such as diving Masks, Fins, BCD’s and even Dive Computers. Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures offer the most prestigious and award winning brands the dive industry has ever produced, such as Mares, ScubaPro, Suunto and many more.

Scuba diving course Malaysia

Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures also have a dedicated team of Licensed Commercial Pilots to cater for your flying adventure appetite. With their range of Piper and Cessna aircrafts bring a whole new perspective to flying. They also provide custom chartered flights to nearby islands for a whimsical getaway if ever need be.

At Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures, you’ll discover innovative ways to develop scuba skills and explore the natural perfection of the underwater world such as Diving Tioman Island. Jump right in today and let Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures take you to a depth beyond your imagination! Let’s go diving!

So what are you waiting for, contact Olympia Air & Scuba Adventures to experience a whole new perspective and live life with adventure now!

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Air Conditioning Service Provider

June 1st, 2011

Air Conditioning Service Provider

Comfort is important to People. No matter it is consistent temperatures throughout your home, indoor air quality, quieter operation, or comfortable humidity levels inside, There are many air conditioning service providers can offer you the most efficient HVAC equipment available and total peace of mind with your investment.


Here are some providers lists :

1. Extreme Comfort : Air conditioning and heating Dallas

2. Daniels Air : Air Conditioning Frisco and Plano TX , Air Conditioning Flower Mound and Coppell TX .

2. Willard AC : Air Conditioning Rowlett, TX

3. Unlimited Air Conditioning And Heating : air conditioning Richardson and air conditioning repair Dallas.

4. Devards : air conditioning plano

5. Home Air Care : Air conditioner installation McKinney

6. Climate Control : Air conditioning San Antonio

7. Sherrell : Air conditioning Mesquite